Home Search Tips for People Who Love to Entertain

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 29.8 million people moved in 2020. If you’re considering a move, finding a home near Madison, GA with entertaining potential is important if you frequently host dinner parties or holiday celebrations. The Rhonda Smith Team encourages you to look for these things when searching for a home that’s ideal for entertaining.

Ample Parking

In many larger cities, parking is an issue. No one wants to walk a mile to get to the family holiday celebration, so scope out the parking situation. Since Madison and the surrounding area are being redeveloped, prepare for future parking issues even if your specific neighborhood is parking friendly. A large driveway is ideal, but nearby street parking that’s typically available can also work, especially if you’re near downtown.

Spacious Entryway

If you entertain lots of people, having a spacious entryway keeps things from getting congested when guests arrive. There’s room for everyone to take off their shoes, greet each other, and make their way into your home. A coat closet in the entryway is a bonus.

Madison doesn’t get much snow and there is average rainfall, so a mudroom is probably not necessary. However, if you are particular about your floors, leaving space available for a hall tree, coat rack, or shoe storage could be helpful.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are popular among buyers, with 70% of people wanting an open or partially open layout between the kitchen and family room and 86% wanting an open or partially open layout between the kitchen and dining room design, according to the National Association of Home Builders. If you entertain frequently, open floor plans keep you connected to guests while you’re cooking, and guests have plenty of spaces to use without feeling cut off from others.

Food Prep and Serving Spaces

Food and drinks often become the focus of entertainment. Evaluate the kitchen, including the counter area, appliances, and pantry, to be sure there’s ample space. Consider the dining room size if you throw dinner parties often.

Convenient Bathroom

You don’t want guests heading upstairs or to your master suite when they need to freshen up. A home with a main-floor powder room keeps your bedroom private and makes using the bathroom easy for guests.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Madison tends to have short, wet winters and humid summers, which makes outdoor entertaining a little risky. However, the warmer weather can still make evening dining enjoyable during most of the spring and summer months. Find a home with a patio, deck, or yard that flows easily into the home so guests can move indoors and outdoors easily during seasons of warm weather.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, set up a nice poolside area or deck to enjoy those evening moments. Otherwise, adorn your outdoor patio with ceiling or outdoor-rated stand fans to keep you and your guests cool during the humid summer months.

Before You Buy

The purchase of a new home begins with getting approved for a loan.  If you are self-employed, or new to your job, there are things to consider when applying to lenders.  Before you do that, check your credit score, and get a valuation of your current property, if you own one. Those two details will do a lot to determine what kind of property you can purchase.

Preparing Your New Home

The layout might be perfect, but your home likely needs a few updates before you’re ready to entertain. Plan for remodeling or repairs to get the home in good condition. Don’t forget about things like pest control treatments and cleaning the chimney. Add personal touches and furniture that works well for entertaining to complete the setup.

It’s likely that some of your furniture will need a little cleaning to match the newness of your home. Find a nearby furniture cleaning service by searching online. Be sure to check the reviews and ask your neighbors since they are likely more familiar with the area. And don’t be afraid to ask about the types of cleaning methods each cleaner uses in order to find the right fit for you.

Make Your Move Smooth

Hiring a moving company simplifies the transition to your new home. Always go with a company that offers written estimates based on in-person inspections to get accurate information. So search online for moving companies in your area. Then, compare the quotes, but also look at online reviews to spot red flags.

Finding Your Ideal Home

When you love entertaining, having a home that accommodates guests easily is ideal. The local area experts at the Rhonda Smith Team can help you to find the perfect entertaining home near Madison, so reach out to them today for their expert guidance.


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